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Fall in Southwest Florida

            The best season in SW Florida has finally approached us! Fall is the time of the year where pumpkins grow, temperatures drop, and celebrations last all day. Everything in sight is beautiful as the temperature drops to the low to mid 70’s and humidity slowly disappears. A slight breeze blows that keeps you refreshed while the sun warms you when you feel a slight chill. Fall is the perfect season in SW Florida and is great when planning outdoor events; such as, camping, canoeing, and festivals!

Every year hundreds of people come down to Punta Gorda to  attend the “Dragon Boat Festival” at Laishley Park, on October 29. As adults watch manually boats racing, kids play on bouncy houses while taking a big bite into a snow cone. A variety of booths are set up during these festivals to entertain you with games, face paint, and inform you about  more upcoming events in SW Florida.  For instance, the International Airshow and Haunting on the Harbor in Punta Gorda. The International Airshow fly’s jets in a sequence giving a spectacular show on October 21-23. Haunting on the Harbor is a spooky way to get everyone in the spirit for Halloween. It includes a haunted house, costume contest, and live music/entertainment held on October 28-31 in downtown Punta Gorda.

At the end of the day people listen to music and hang out at many of the beautiful parks or Harbor front restaurants  to watch Fall’s most colorful sunsets in Punta Gorda. Many have stated that the sun looks exactly like a pumpkin during Fall at sundown.

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The gentle kiss of spring wind is finally here in Punta Gorda, Florida. Along with this breeze is the smell of blooming Jasmine, Rose, and wait…crawfish??? Either this means my lobster claw flowers are blooming nicely or PGs Seafood Festival is upon us! Well if you’re hoping for the later, you’re in luck! March 7th- 8th at Laishley Park will be Punta Gorda’s Seafood Festival. Come with empty bellies for there will be a fresh feast ahead of you once you pay the 2$ admission fee. Once you have your food sit down and enjoy the live music or water ski show! There are also craft vendors and a kid’s playground for those children who always have extra energy, but don’t seem keen on sharing it with their tired parents. If you’re one of those tired parents or just a general seafood lover click here for more information. 

My oh my I smell another scent on the wind…it’s the smell of kilts and bagpipes; I didn’t know they had a smell that’s odd. Anyways! This must mean one thing! We have a new superhero, CelticMan! Oh wait no CelticMan is holding up a sign, it says that there will be a Celtic Festival on March 8th. Ah that makes much more sense, or should I say scents. The 15th Annual Peace River Celtic Festival will be held at The Celtic Ray Public House, 145 Marion Avenue, Punta Gorda.  Here we will celebrate the Celtic heritage with food and drinks as well as live performances! Admission cost 5$ and is from 12pm-7pm. Here’s a link with more information for ye Celtic lovers. 

Gasp another scent! Just kidding this event is a free visual one. On March 8th will be the 13th Semi-annual Art Fest on the Farm. Come see over 50 artists portray their beautiful artwork (that’s hopefully not haunted) at 25370 Zemel Road. Stroll around and see art that is worth discussing and inquiring about, like Claude Monet once said “Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love. This event is hosted by Inspiration Studios, which sells jewelry and also offers classes for Jewelry making and painting and Pottery Express/ Bamboo Farms which sells beautiful pottery, statues, and fountains. Food and drinks will also be sold at this event. For more information click here.

For the first time in Punta Gorda is the new Short Film Festival! I cannot contain my excitement for this two hour event showing comedies, dramas, and animated “Best of show” films collected from other previous Film Festivals since 1987. Imagine being enraptured into a story of such depth and character to find out it’s only five to ten minutes long. This is what a short film is and artists and directors have honed this gift to create the best of the best short films to be shown on the 11th. This event will be held at the Punta Gorda Event Center on March 11th starting at 7:00 make sure to get there early though to grab good seats! Admission is 15$ plus fees but you can order tickets early here  For more information on the Film Festival click here.

If March is filled up with plans here’s an event starting on April 24th, the Country Life Music Festival! Country music star and recording artists Reba McEntire will be opening the stage with our talented people like Tracy Lawrence, Chris Young, Chris Weaver and our own local band the Jack Michael Band! More bands will follow up as well as some new songs unheard of until this festival. If you’re ready to rock with your friends and family then drive on over to the new Tracks and Trails in Punta Gorda. Tickets right now are on sale for 49$ (originally 79$) and can be preordered from here. For more information check here or here.

With all of these event’s going on remember to be safe and have fun! Bring a friend and happy partying!

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